8 Days|
vislhofen to budapest

Jun-Jul 2024
You'll Visit:
Vilshofen, Germany
Passau, Germany
Salzburg, Austria
Dürnstein, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Bratislava, Slovakia
Budapest, Hungary

Enchanting Danube Rhapsody: A Journey of Discovery and Connection


Unleashing the Enchantment

Embark on a journey where every bend of the Danube unveils a new chapter of enchantment. With Treasured Stories Travel, immerse yourself in a world where majestic landscapes, rich history, and cultural tapestries weave together an unforgettable narrative.

These meticulously curated experiences are more than a cruise—they're a gateway to creating your own treasured tales. Dive into an odyssey where elegance, adventure, and connection await at every turn.

Your Journey of Discovery Awaits

Vilshofen, Germany

Your journey of a lifetime begins in the charming town of Vilshofen. A seamless transfer from Munich brings you to the elegant embrace of your riverboat. As you settle in, the Captain’s welcome reception offers a perfect moment to mingle and meet fellow travelers. A delightful dinner sets the stage for the unfolding chapters of your story.

Day One | 
Warm Welcome Aboard

Munich | Photo by Nagarjun Kogaravalli Sathyanarayana on Unsplash

Passau, Germany

Awaken to the picturesque landscapes of Passau. Choose between a delightful walking tour featuring a marzipan-making demonstration, a geocaching adventure, or a serene bicycle ride along the Inn River.

As the day unfolds, immerse in the city’s baroque elegance before rejoining the ship, where melodies from "The Sound of Music" karaoke fill the air.

Day Two |  Sweet Delights in Passau 

Dom St. Stephan, Passau | Photo by Yves Cedric Schulze on Unsplash

Salzburg, Austria

Step into the enchanting world of Salzburg, where the whimsical Hellbrunn Castle and iconic Sound of Music locations await.

Wander through the historic heart of Mozart’s hometown and marvel at the Mirabell Gardens. Every corner holds a new tale, waiting to be woven into your own unforgettable narrative.

Day Three | Magical Moments in Salzburg

Salzburg | Photo by zhang xiaoyu on Unsplash

Durnstein and the Wachau Valley

Cruise through the breathtaking Wachau Valley to the medieval gem of Dürnstein. Opt for a leisurely bicycle tour or explore the town’s historic allure on foot.

The ruins of Kuenringerburg Castle, perched high above, offer panoramic vistas that are as captivating as the legends echoing through its walls.

Day Four | Medieval Charms
and Scenic Splendors

Durnstein, Austria | Photo by Daniela Turcanu on Unsplash

Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s grandeur unfolds before you, from the majestic Ringstrasse to the mysterious catacombs beneath St. Stephen's Cathedral.

The evening blossoms into an exclusive Imperial experience at Palais Pallavicini, a private Baroque palace, where elegance, entertainment, and exquisite dining converge in a symphony Viennese entertainment and unforgettable moments.

Day Five | Imperial Elegance in Vienna

Vienna, Austria

The opulent rooms of Schönbrunn Palace beckon, unveiling the lavish lifestyle of the Habsburgs. Navigate the intricate garden maze and relish a marionette theater performance.

Vienna, with its architectural marvels and artistic legacy, invites you to weave your own tapestry of memories.

Day Six |   Royal Resplendence
at Schönbrunn

Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

Bratislava, Slovakia

In Bratislava, the ancient Devin Castle and a medieval extravaganza transport you back in time.

A scavenger hunt through the Old Town unveils centuries-old tales, while the evening aboard the ship is adorned with Slovak cultural entertainment, marking a perfect prelude to the final chapter of our journey.

Day Seven | Medieval Marvels in Bratislava

Devin Castle, Slovakia | Photo by Datingscout on Unsplash

Budapest, Hungary

As the narrative of your journey reaches its climax, the architectural and historical treasures of Budapest bid you farewell.

A seamless transfer ensures your homeward journey is as memorable as the enchanting days spent cruising, discovering, and connecting along the Danube’s storied waters.

Day Eight |   Farewell in the Heart of Budapest

Your Trip Awaits


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Cruise, Discover, Connect
Every bend of the Danube unveils a new chapter of beauty, history, and cultural richness. You’re not just embarking on a cruise; you’re weaving your own tapestry of unforgettable moments, unique tales, and treasured memories.

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What's Included In This Adventure

20 meals; applicable fuel surcharges, porterage, taxes, and service charges

Imperial Evening in a Viennese palace featuring dinner, music, dancing and more

Castle games in Slovakia, marzipan making in Passau

Unlimited beverages, including fine wine, beer, and spirits

Private shore excursions.

Gratuities for ship staff, drivers, and local guides.

Group transfers on arrival and departure days.

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Danube Itinerary for Families

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