The Dominican Republic: More Than Just Resorts

Many people think of the Caribbean and fabulous resorts, Jamaica and Cuba. But they don’t realize that the most popular destination in the Caribbean is the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is on an island shared with Hispaniola and Haiti and sees over 6 million visitors yearly. This results in 2 million more visitors than Cuba. This Caribbean destination has a lot more to offer visitors than your run-of-the-mill resorts. The Dominican Republic has so much more.

Here are some great things to see on your trip to D.R.

Scenic Locations

Laguna de Oviedo–  

Are you into bird watching? Then you should visit Laguna de Oviedo, which is the prime bird-watching territory.

It’s the largest lagoon in the country, with a salt-water level three times higher than that of the sea.

Surrounding the lagoon are thick mangrove swamps and 24 keys strewn over more than six miles. In the same area, you’ll spot royal and blue herons, the great egret, gulls, roseate spoonbills, sandpipers, pelicans, parrots, and beautiful American flamingos.

Flamingoes in Laguna de Oviedo

The Silver Bank

With nine diverse ecological regions, the Dominican Republic is a haven for scuba divers, hikers, spelunkers, birders, and culture hounds.

It is best to drop by the Silver Bank between December and April; the famous offshore region is filled with the haunting melody of whale song as humpback whales come to calve.

Scuba divers can choose from a wide array of diving sites off each coast. Its warm water and generally excellent visibility make most of the Dominican Republic a year-round destination.

What’s best about all these is that the dive sites are friendly to beginners, and a lot of the island’s resorts offer discovery dives fit for everyone, even those who’ve never blown bubbles before.

Scuba Diver in Dominican Republic

Golfer’s Paradise

The Dominican Republic is considered the undisputed leader of golf in the tropics because of its famed and impressive golf courses.

Did you know that at least seven of the DR’s courses have steadily topped Golfweek Magazine’s Top 50 courses in the Caribbean and Mexico?

Various courses offer you tee time by the sea.

Golf Course with an ocean view in the Dominical Republic

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is an integral part of the Dominican culture. It’s an influence that dates to the Spanish colonial times.

You can go horseback riding anywhere in the Dominican Republic. Puerto Plata’s hills are challenging to beat, with a lush terrain that passes rivers, cattle, and vast swaths of pure Caribbean scenery.

Samana’s coconut-filled valleys and cliff-top sea views offer a surreal backdrop. La Romana’s Casa de Campo is one of the best equestrian centers in the Caribbean.

It gives you options such as cattle ranch trails, as well as expert-led lessons in English or Western-style riding.

Whether novice or expert, horseback riding is a fun way to explore the countryside.

Horseback riding in lush terrain in the Dominican Republic.

Thrilling Cable Car Ride

One thing you should not miss while visiting Puerto Plata is riding the teleférico–the only complete cable car ride you’ll find in the whole Caribbean region, operating continuously since 1975.

The exhilarating 10-minute ride takes you up, up and away in one of two cable cars, 2,625 feet above Puerto Plata.

Below is a magical scenery, from the sea on your north to the lush, green plains that eventually lead you to the other end of the cable at Mount Isabel de Torres.

Make sure to explore the nature reserve and botanical gardens, and enjoy the ride back down by cable car once more before heading out.

Cable care ride with thrilling views.

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