Top 5 Things For Families To Do In Amsterdam

It’s no secret that Amsterdam is one of the most exciting places to visit. While many may think about Amsterdam’s adult-centered activities, there are numerous family-friendly options to enjoy around this popular destination.

With its rich history, artistic legacy, intricate canal system, and abundance of museums, you will find that there is so much for families to do and see when you visit. 

To help create an itinerary for your vacation, we’ve listed the top 5 family activities to do while in Amsterdam.

1. Take a historical canal ride. 

The water tours of Amsterdam are some of the most desired.

Since hundreds of canals throughout the nation were created just for travel, there is no reason your family shouldn’t try this popular attraction. 

During your gentle water ride, you’ll view some of the country’s most detailed architecture and beautiful landscapes. Or, do something special for your kids and book an evening canal cruise serving made-to-order pizza and ice cream for dessert. 

Amsterdam canal

2. Take a walk through the wildflowers. 

Amsterdam takes great pride in its bulb flowers, especially tulips. 

Visit the amazingly vibrant bulb flower park in Lisse if you wish to see the tulips in all their glory. 

If you happen to miss the tulip season, don’t worry. 

There are plenty of bulbed flowers that grow year-round at the park.

Amsterdam tulips

3. Visit one of the many spectacular art museums or history museums. 

Check out paintings by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, or other world-renowned artists. The Van Gogh Museum features the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s impressionist paintings. You may be able to schedule an art workshop on a weekend for an additional fee or participate in a treasure hunt and other hands-on activities. 

Child enjoying art museum visit

The Rijksmuseum is equally famous for the works of Dutch masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. Their vast collection includes incredible dollhouses, suits of armor, and giant models of Dutch trading ships. 

Revisit history by walking into the Anne Frank House, where you can see the secret annex where Anne hid during World War II. This is best suited for older children, perhaps 10 and older, due to the subject nature and narrow stairs. 

4. Spend a day at the Efteling Theme Park

Drive to this unique theme park outside of Amsterdam to enjoy a family day riding the rides and watching the water shows and musical performances.

Efteling theme park Photo by Remy Gieling on Unsplash

Efteling is a fairy tale based theme park, but something completely different from the Disney parks. It’s heavily based on fairy tales, stories and myths, featuring an enchanted forest, rollercoaster, and many other rides. It makes a full day outing.

5. Hop on a bike for a family visit to the Dutch countryside where you can visit a farmhouse to sample cheeses and enjoy a clog demonstration

Bikes are the default mode of transportation in compact Amsterdam, and cycling is a must-do for tourists. There are miles of designated bike paths to explore.

Woman biking through Amsterdam

Rent a bakfiet, a barrow-like cart, for your young children to ride in. Or, for fun, put your child in their own clog by renting a clog bike.

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